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Silvia Rossi is a post-doc researcher at the Goethe-Univerisität Frankfurt am Main, working on the Quantification in Old Italian project since 2018. Her main research interest is the historical and dialectal morphosyntax of Italo-Romance and Germanic (Old and Modern English). She obtained her PhD in 2012 at the University of Padua with a thesis on the morphosyntax of prepositions and particles in Old English. During her PhD years she also worked on wh-items in the historical and dialectal varieties of British English, and on modal constructions of Eastern Venetan varieties.   Between 2012 and 2014, she held a post-doc position at the University Ca’Foscari of Venice, working on several aspects of the morphosyntactic microvariation in Italo-Romance dialects (Garzonio & Rossi 2014, 2016; Iovino & Rossi 2014, 2016; Rossi 2016). Most recently, she has worked on Old Italian weak dative pronouns (Garzonio & Rossi 2018; forthcoming) and on subject pronouns in Early Venetan varieties.