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Olga Kellert is a post-doctoral fellow at Georg-August University in Goettingen. She worked on different types of wh-constructions (e.g. wh-exclamatives and (clefted) wh-questions) in French and Italian (cf. Kellert 2011, Kellert 2013). In her PhD thesis, she analyzed wh-words as existential quantifiers in line with Hamblin (1973) and Karttunen (1977) and tried to define the presuppositions and/or implicatures different wh-constructions have in these languages (cf. Kellert 2013). She also looked at NPIs in Italian questions and analyzed NPIs within the alternative semantics of Chierchia (2004) (cf. Kellert 2013). She has participated in pilot studies (cf. IV.2.2) and the formulation of this proposal.